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Why Volunteer

With the backing of over 200 active volunteers and counting, Neighbor to Neighbor is where volunteers want to utilize their spare time. We offer homebound and disabled seniors the opportunity to maintain their independence, when many times their only other option would be to go to a nursing home or assisted living facility before their time.

Our volunteers know how important this service is to the community. They also believe in our mission and know that if they give a Neighbor a few hours of their time now, we can continue to offer these services so that if they ever need us themselves…we will be here for them also!

This is not just about giving a ride…this is about the ride, the conversations, and the friendships that are formed along the way.

We pride ourselves in providing our volunteers:

  • Flexible Volunteering Schedules
  • Turn-by-turn Directions
  • Supplemental Medical, Automobile, and Volunteer Liability Insurance
  • No Heavy Lifting
  • Phone, Email, and Online

Contact us to learn more about volunteering with Neighbor to Neighbor and signup to attend an upcoming orientation, TODAY!

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